“Caring For Myself Is Not Self-indulgence, It Is Self-preservation, And That Is An Act Of Political Warfare”

-Audre Lorde

As a Therapist, Vanessa addresses an array of concerns including: racial distress, anxiety, spirituality, work distress, creative blocks, sexuality and gender, multicultural issues, trauma, and LGBTQ affirming care. She has two particular interests: (1) MBCT within communities with complex identities (2) Utilizing the power of creativity, spirituality, and art making within sessions.


Vanessa has experience in Individual, Couples, and Family Therapy serving adults and adolescents in private practice, community mental health clinics, and government settings. Vanessa has collaborated with Callen Lorde, NYCCRB, ACS, and Southend Psychiatry as a consultant, staff therapist, and 1099 contractor.

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